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Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden Garage Doors Burnaby

Whether you like the redwood look or prefer cedar wooden garage doors, Burnaby’s most experienced installation company is at your service. We provide wood garage door options for local residential installations, ensuring the full satisfaction of our customers.

Additionally, Garage Door Repair Burnaby is available for all sorts of fixes and services. Basically, for anything you may need for a wood garage door, you can turn to us. Wooden garage door repair, panel damage fixing, maintenance, new installations, replacements – full services. What do you need?

Wooden garage doors, Burnaby installations

Let’s assume for a minute that you need to find a new wooden garage door for a Burnaby home installation in British Columbia. Our company offers choices in regard to timber and garage door features. We suggest solutions for easy maintenance, great appearance, durability, and longevity – always based on your taste, budget, and needs. The good news? There are solutions and options for everyone.

  •          Raised panels, solid slabs, carriage-style wooden garage door designs
  •          Standard double and single residential wooden garage door sizes
  •          Custom wooden garage doors for those who want tailored dimensions and features
  •          Wooden garage doors with or without windows and all needed features and hardware

These are only a few examples to confirm the plethora of choices in regard to sizes, styles, timbers, designs, features, and all things.

The wooden garage door installation takes place when it’s convenient for you. And the service is provided by techs with the required experience, training, and skills. If you want to learn more, get an estimate, and have a pro measure your garage, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wooden garage door repairs, replacements, and all services

Available for every single wooden garage door service, our team can truly cover all needs. That’s crucial. Why, you ask? Apart from the convenience of reaching out to the same team for all services, it’s also the assurance of entrusting services to expert techs.

Wood garage doors are heavy. The wood species vary. When it comes to choosing replacement parts, you need to consider the weight and all door characteristics to ensure its proper performance. Trained and qualified experts will make a difference when it comes to weatherstripping a wooden garage door or replacing tracks or installing a new opener or setting up a new spring. With our Burnaby garage door repair team having the knowledge and experience required, all services and all projects are done to a T.

Whether you seek solutions to problems or for a new installation in Burnaby, wooden garage doors can be trusted to the best service team in town. To us. Why don’t you tell us what you need now? We are at your service.

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