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Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

We fix garage door torsion spring issues in Burnaby, British Columbia, as fast as possible. Spring problems are serious. Avoid accidents and inconveniences by turning to our company every time you are concerned about your springs. There is a trained team of professionals at our Garage Door Repair Burnaby BC which can help you with everything. Do you want to evaluate their condition? Need spring adjustment? Want to replace garage door extension springs? Wondering whether a second torsion spring will make the door safer? Whatever issue or concern you have, bring it to us. We specialize in home spring services and offer same day garage door torsion spring Burnaby repairs.Garage Door Torsion Spring Burnaby

Need torsion spring replacement now? Contact our team

Your garage door torsion spring in Burnaby was designed to last for a certain number of cycles – that is how many times you open and close the door. But who can say how many cycles are there left? If your spring is not replaced in time, it will snap. And that’s the last thing you want since snapped springs can hurt anyone standing by and cause serious damage to your property. One of the things we do at our company is to evaluate the condition of your springs. After all, your torsion spring is also affected by the weather conditions and the frequency of services. If it is not maintained, its coils will lose their flexibility fast. We prevent such problems with garage door torsion spring adjustment and maintenance.

Our experts can lubricate the coils and replace the worn torsion spring garage door parts. Is the shaft worn? Are the cones damaged? Is the bearing plate rusty? Let us replace all these parts. We also offer garage door torsion spring replacement. Our team maintains and adjusts your torsion spring, but there will come a time when the spring must be replaced. Let us schedule the service today! Is your torsion spring already broken? Call us now. We provide emergency broken torsion spring replacement quickly. Trust us with any spring repair service. Our techs are licensed, insured, and qualified and they can replace and fix your spring properly. Call us.

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