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Garage Door Safety Release

Don’t know how to unlock the garage door safety release in Burnaby, British Columbia? Got some other issues with the emergency release cord? Or do you need a garage door release lock installed? In spite of what you need and whether or not is urgent, reach out to Garage Door Repair Burnaby. We know all about these systems and send experienced pros to offer the service required. So, is your garage door emergency release cord broken? Need a new installation?

Experts in Burnaby garage door safety release lock installation

Garage Door Safety Release Burnaby

Any service required on a garage door safety release system, Burnaby residents should trust it to us. There’s often a need to have such a keyed emergency release garage door lock installed just in case you ever got stuck outside and want to be able to open the door. If you mainly use the garage door as the entrance to your house, call us for a quick installation.

The whole idea of garage door release systems is to allow you to disconnect the opener and thus, use the door manually. This might come handy when you stand inside the garage too. What if there’s no power and your opener doesn’t support a battery backup system? Or the battery is not charged for some reason? Isn’t it good to know that you can simply pull the red cord and have the opener released – hence, the garage door manually operated?

Let us send a pro to install a garage door safety release lock. Or replace the broken cord. Is it broken?

Is the garage door emergency release cord broken? Call us now

Trust that our company appoints trained techs to offer such services and always does so fast. Who wouldn’t want the broken garage door emergency release rope replaced quickly? Any problem fixed without delay? How about if you don’t know how to reset and release your garage door’s emergency cord? Wouldn’t you want some expert help, just in case you need it? These cords are called emergency for a reason. And not only when you cannot open the garage door automatically, but also in the event of any sort of entrapment. So, take action today to be prepared to cope with some impossible problems tomorrow.

Want to share with our team what is it that we can do for your Burnaby garage door safety release system? Send us a message. Or drop us a ring.

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